Capsule Endoscopy

CapsuleEndoscopyCapsule endoscopy is also known as a “Pill-Cam” examination.  Capsule endoscopy is used mainly to pinpoint bleeding in hidden areas in the small bowel, that cannot be easily reached from above with a gastroscope or from below with a colonoscope.

The Capsule used contains a tiny camera, with batteries, a light source and a transmitter. After swallowing it, the capsule travels like a piece of food through the gastrointestinal system, and sends thousands of images wirelessly to a data recorder, which is worn like a vest.

The procedure takes about 8 hours and you can eat and function normally during this time.  Capsule endoscopy provides high-resolution images of the small intestine, taking two pictures every second for many hours, providing about 60,000 pictures in total.

These pictures are reviewed by your doctor at a later stage, like a movie, to detect any abnormality that may be present.